Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

That is one reason I like these Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe. They taste very much like a genuine chicken pot pie – rich and encouraging and flavorful! – however they’re not difficult to make and youngster amicable. I’ve added a couple straightforward fixings to the essential recipe to ensure grown-ups will cherish them as well!

In the present post: These small scale chicken pot pies are so easy to assemble – and a couple of additional fixings make them shockingly flavorful!

We as a whole understand what having fussy eaters, right is like? I swear I did all that I could to acquaint my children with an enormous assortment of food when they were youthful, however they were still so particular about food. One kid used to conceal his chicken strips when I wasn’t looking – believe it or not, he would even not liked to eat chicken strips! And negative, it’s very little amusing to find froze chicken strips weeks some other time when you are clearing out the shoe container.

I attempted that recipe quite a while back and it’s okay. My children preferred it, yet my significant other and I weren’t wild about it. It was somewhat excessively dull and exhausting. So I’ve changed it marginally and it’s had an immense effect! These are actually very great.

These little chicken pot pies are so easy to assemble – and a couple of additional fixings make them shockingly scrumptious!

πŸŒ€Planning Time : 15 mins

πŸŒ€Cook Time : 20 mins

πŸŒ€Course: Primary Course

πŸŒ€Cuisine: Solace Food

Β πŸŒ€Servings: 8 biscuits

Fixings for Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

πŸ’¦1 cup Cooked Chicken cubed

πŸ’¦3/4 cup Cream of Chicken Soup the majority of a 10 3/4 oz can

πŸ’¦1/4 cup Acrid Cream light is fine

πŸ’¦1 cup Frozen blended vegetables

πŸ’¦1 cylinder Refrigerated Sickle Rolls 8 oz

πŸ’¦1/4 teaspoon Poultry Preparing

πŸ’¦1 squeeze Pepper around 1/8 teaspoon

Directions for Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

1. Preheat stove to 375 degrees.

2. Defrost frozen vegetables totally (thaw out in microwave whenever wanted).

3. Combine as one soup and sharp cream in a medium bowl. Mix in poultry preparing and pepper. Then, at that point, blend in the chicken and vegetables.

4. Daintily flour your work surface, then, at that point, unroll bow mixture. Squeeze together slanting lines. Cut into 8 squares.

5. Splash 8 customary size biscuit cups with nonstick cooking shower. Place a bow square into every biscuit cup, pushing down so only the corners stretch out over the highest point of the biscuit skillet. Spoon chicken combination into every sickle lined biscuit cup (around 1/4 cup each).

6. Heat 18-20 minutes until sickles are profound brilliant brown. Stand by around 5 minutes prior to eliminating small scale pot pies from the biscuit tin. Serve right away.

Notes for Mini Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

For a messy touch, sprinkle destroyed cheddar over the cooked pot pies and return them to the broiler briefly until cheddar is dissolved.

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